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Waiting for Fire

Advent has begun. Once again, we are waiting for the light. The days have barely begun to darken, and already we’re waiting for them to lengthen and lighten. As Advent begins, the Mass readings look forward to Jesus’ return as the Light and … Continue reading

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Radiant Femininity

On a recent retreat, I meditated on the story of Mary’s visit to Elizabeth. What icons of radiant femininity these women of God are! The episode (Lk 1:39-56) is familiar. Mary has just found out she will be the mother of … Continue reading

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Real Life Is Meeting

“Real Life Is Meeting” is a line from Martin Buber’s classic theological/philosophical work  I and Thou. Buber, a devout Jew, distinguishes between “I-It” relationships and “I-Thou” relationships. In “I-It” relationships, I treat the other as an object, a means to an end. In … Continue reading

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Election Reflection

In my 39 voting years, no election has inspired such controversy as this one. Conflict, anxiety, and divine reassurance came to mind on this momentous election day. Battle lines are being drawn. That line from the 1966 Buffalo Springfield classic, “For What … Continue reading

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