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Divorce and Other Lies

Good parents strive to be honest with their children. They want their children to know that they can trust their parents, no matter what. Yesterday, I was on Relevant Radio’s On Call show, with Wendy Wiese. A grandmother called in. Her … Continue reading

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“As Is” : The Real Deal – Part II

To be taken “as is” is an essential ingredient of counseling. Carl Rogers was a therapist known for his theory that “unconditional positive regard” is the basis of good therapy. He actually saw it as the only necessary ingredient, which isn’t so. … Continue reading

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“As Is”: The Real Deal – Part I

“As is”. When I see an ad for something being sold “as is”, the associations are mainly negative. The computer, car, or house is unusually low priced, yes. But the vendor knows that the item has some problems. He or she … Continue reading

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