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“Radical” Islam and Reality, Part I

I’m back after a much-relished, dare I say much-deserved family vacation in the Rockies. The world is indeed charged with the glory of God! In the meantime, the violence, darkness, and fear engendered by “radical” Islam continues to grow apace. … Continue reading

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The Crucible of Marriage

One of the many blessings that flow from the Catholic Church’s unswerving stance against divorce – or better, for the permanence of marriage – is that the Catholic theology of marriage has a depth and richness rarely found in Protestant thought, and … Continue reading

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Raising the Dead, Part II

I noted in the previous post that the preaching at my parish – in fact, in many Omaha parishes – is good. However, even when Catholic preaching on the parish level is solid, it’s rarely on fire. The homilist may make a good, even … Continue reading

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