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Change of Scenery

Everybody needs a change of scenery now and then. That’s what vacations, weekend getaways, and summer homes are all about. But God sometimes calls us to changes of scenery that also lead to changes of heart. Some time ago, an … Continue reading

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The Depth of the Lay Vocation

The depth of the lay vocation is like a treasure hidden in a field. It often isn’t obvious, even to the lay person him- or herself. But it’s truly there and truly precious. In comparison with the priesthood, the lay person’s … Continue reading

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Hillary, Trump, and Voting One’s Conscience

Hillary, Trump, and voting one’s conscience. If there’s a lull in a cocktail party conversation, bring up these three items. If the polls are correct, never have both candidates in a presidential election been so disliked. The prevailing refrains are “I’m not … Continue reading

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