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I am a Catholic clinical psychologist with a solo practice in Omaha, NE. In the Franciscan seminary, I completed about 2/3rd of an M.Div./MA in Scripture. In my 3rd year of temporary vows, I discerned a call to the married life. My lovely wife Mary and I have a son, Michael, as well as a number of children preceding us to Heaven through miscarriages. We are delighted to be in the Omaha archdiocese and love the Heartland.

Community and Freedom, Part I

In a culture where individual rights and autonomy have become our gods, the concepts of community and freedom seem to contradict each other. Your needs and wants interfere with my needs and wants. More for you means less for me. … Continue reading

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Choosing Life and Blessing

“Choosing life and blessing” was the theme of last Sunday’s first reading. In his last words to the Israelites before they enter the Promised Land, Moses exhorts the beloved and frustrating band he’s led for 40+ years. “I have set before … Continue reading

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Belong, Believe, Behave

The parish model of Catholicism, as it currently functions, is dead. We need a new paradigm. As Pope Francis has repeatedly said, the Church needs to go out into the marketplace, because increasingly, most of the people out there will not … Continue reading

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Harden Not Your Hearts

“If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.” These words struck me today, while preparing a Bible study on Hebrews 3. The author of Hebrews is quoting Psalm 95:7b-8. What are the dangers of a hardened heart? Aristotle notes that … Continue reading

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Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

That we have “nothing to fear but fear itself” is a paraphrase from Franklin D. Roosevelt’s first inaugural address. Few phrases are more apt in the current political atmosphere. The fear now, I believe, is of listening to one another. … Continue reading

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Angels and Demons, Part II

In my last post, I outlined how the Evil One or demons tempt us to sin. But sometimes the demonic works through doubt, division, discouragement, or confusion rather than specific temptations. I was in a prayer meeting music ministry for years. Unfailingly, … Continue reading

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Angels and Demons, Part I

Certain categories have become so much a part of my everyday life that I seldom stop to think about, much less blog about them. The reality of angels and demons, and how they affect us, is one such category. Even many devout … Continue reading

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Our Cheatin’ Hearts

I returned to work yesterday after a wonderful week of Christmas vacation. The day after Christmas, we got the long-expected but glorious news of our son Michael’s engagement to his lovely girlfriend, Grace. And in another celebration of love, on … Continue reading

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Feeling Stuck

I was feeling stuck as I wondered what to blog about today. I went for my morning walk, praying for some inspiration. “Lord, what’s the word You want me to speak?” Crickets. The last seven days of Advent are the … Continue reading

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Back to Basics

Like the average committed Christian, I’ve heard thousands of sermons, reflections, and teachings on the Christian message. I’ve read a lot of books and articles about the same. And I’ve heard and read the Scriptures over and over again. But I … Continue reading

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